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Ecoway develops custom design cups – OEM Services.

We working with your product team from concept design, prototype, tooling development, sample test, trial production, mass production to final markets.

Enquire about how to bring your design to the world with high quality/fast delivery today.

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Design Tips - How To Make Coldest Cups

Looking to make a coldest cup to keep your liquid coldest for a long time in hot Summer days?

You are in the right place, take a look our design tips to understand why our stainless steel cup has great cold retention before your design a new cup or source a new manufacturing partner in China.

Custom Cup Solutions

Custom Solutions- How To Custom Cup

Looking to make a custom cup for your school, shop, team, party?

You are in the right place, take a look our tips to understand how to custom text/color/picture/packing for your cups.

Then you can find the best option within your budget for the custom cup projects before you source a new manufacturing partner in China.

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Check out the full range of stainless steel cup products.

Custom color, custom logo, custom picture, custom packing. No MOQ, shipping globally.

Make Custom Reusable Reuse Steel Cups

Looking for a stylish and sustainable steel cups for your brands/business/product line? ECOWAY offer whole line reusable cup that will be your one-stop solution from small trial order to bulk order with any unique custom cups. Our steel cups are made using premium BPA-free materials, are tempshield with triple-wall vacuum insulated for those refreshingly cold or comfortingly hot drinks on-the-go. Our drink cups with Flip Straw Lids make it even easier to sip anywhere, anytime. Swish them around in some soapy water, dry and it’s ready to use (again). 

Can’t get enough of chrome? Our stainless steel water bottles/cups aren’t your regular metal water bottle. In fact, they give that high-shine finish with ease—every Chrome Collection product comes with microfibre polishing cloth to banish dust and fingerprints for a water bottle that’s always camera-ready. 

The best part? ECOWAY resuble/reuse bottles/cups are interchangeable—switch it up by mixing and matching colours to suit your style, outfit or mood. From the base, lids, straw lid and reusable straw lid strap, you can custom any color/logo/picture what you want. Speaking of cup/bottle designs, our reusable bottles come with your choice of straw lids/tempshield lids/flip lids/sports lids.

What are BPA free water bottles/Cups?

BPA free water bottles are crafted using high-quality materials free from the chemical bisphenol A (BPA), which is often used in the production of plastic products. At ECOWAY, you can sip with confidence knowing your reusable stainless steel bottles are 100% BPA-free and safe for you to use. 

Can I put hot liquids in a reusable water bottle/cups?

When it comes to your ecoway reusable bottle/cups, you can do it all: hot coffee, cold teas, and everything in-between. Just remember, if it’s hot, we recommend opting for a sports lid not straw lid! Thanks to its triple-wall vacuum insulation, your drink stays warmer or cooler for longer.

Are reusable water bottles/cups safe to use?

Yes, our reusable water bottles are safe to use. Thanks to being BPA-free, and made from FDA and EU approved materials, your reusable/reuse water bottle cups can be with you for years to come. Not only does this make it safe for everyday use, its ceramic lining and triple-wall vacuum insulation means you can lock in your hot or cold drink—and its flavour—for hours! 

How often should I wash my water bottles?

We recommend giving your water bottle a quick wash after each use to keep it fresh for your next refill. Cleaning your reusable water bottle is easy-peasy. Simply pop it in some soapy water, give it a wipe over with a soft sponge and either air dry or wipe dry with a towel. You can also add the lid of your drink bottle to the dishwasher for an even easier clean.

Discover more sustainable cups/bottles by ECOWAY

Love working with Ecoway for custom water bottle/cups, take a look at our latest designs with innovative functions, you can choose more custom cups for growing business constantly.